Sunday, March 4, 2018

Time to Start Again

This past year has been... well busy, life changing, too many adjectives. I haven't posted since last April for a couple of reasons. One, I moved to Seattle and I thought I was going to stay there for school but instead I started dating the love of my life who brought me back to Arizona, again. I swear no matter how hard I try to leave this place I keep getting brought back! 
This year has brought a lot of self reflection. I've learned that I'm a perfectionist and sometimes it bites me in the ass, sometimes however it pushes me to be better and do better. I've learned to let go of things I cant control and to stop waisting time on people who don't add value or light to my life. 
I have learned what it means to be happy and in love and I have had so many trials and adventures along the way. I'm grateful for everyone I have met within the last year and I'm so happy with where I am today. Planning a Wedding, building my career, and starting the next chapter of my life
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