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Monday, May 24, 2021

 Skincare Favorites

Lets talk skincare peeps. 

First off... Some rules. 

1. Everyone's skin is different. Your friend's, sister's, cousin's skin is NOT yours. Could be similar but is not the same bc GeNeTiCs....

2. Your skin type is not your symptoms. Okay this requires some explanation. Just because you have acne does not mean you have oily or acneic skin. Similarly you may be dehydrated not DrY.... 

3. Oil is your friend - yes even if you have acne.

4. NaTuRaL skincare is not a thing. and no it's not better, everything is a chemical. You are a carbon based life form. Do you know what carbon is? Correct - a CHEMICAL. 

5.SUNSCREEN IS YOUR BEST FRIEND! I DON'T CARE IF YOU DON'T THINK YOU BURN YOU STILL AGE AND YOU CAN STILL GET CANCER. and yes you really do need to wear it every single day even if you only see the sun on your way to and from work. Trust me when I say wearing sunscreen daily is cheaper and less difficult that trying to fix the sun damage later. or worse. Cancer... I will die on this hill.

Now with that last rule lets start the first category - 


First Place Goes To.... 


I'm a big fan of Elta MD sunscreens in general but this one is my all time favorite. Helps combat acne and clogged pores as well as helps to fight redness plus the tint gives the perfect level of blurring coverage that gives either the perfect base for makeup or sets you up perfectly for a no makeup day. 

Second Place Goes To - 

Colorescience Sunforgettable Total Protection Face Shield SPF 50 PA+++

My favorite mineral "Reef Safe" tinted sunscreen for the face. I use the glow however if you're a darker skin tone or very tan- opt for the bronze tint! I do find it stay's in place well and is decently sweat-proof. Gives A LOT of glow so if dewy is not your preferred look then I'd opt out of this one.  I like to re-apply with the Colorescience Sunforgettable Total Protection Brush-On Shield SPF 50 

Third Place Goes To - 

Jan Marini Physical Protectant SPF 45 2 oz

This sunscreen has an amazing texture, nearly no "Sunscreen Smell" and is reef safe and a non dewy alternative to the Colorscience one above. It also has a non tinted version, although I genuinely enjoy putting this on my face every mornnig. It's a "My skin But BETTER" moment for sure. 

Fourth and Final Place - 

Sun Bum Face Mist SPF 45

Now we're honest around here so I'm just gonna tell you this is one I haven't personally used. Actually I did spray it on my face in the store once and liked it. However it has been recommended to me by multiple people. Why haven't I used it? Good question.. most likely laziness and the above 3 are my all time favorite. I understand some people HATE putting lotion like things on their skin (usually men but this isn't gender exclusive.) now because of this - spray sunscreen can be a savior. I'm not positive on this one in regards to makeup setting however Coola does have a makeup setting mist with SPF that is BEAUTIFUL.

ALRIGHT - now this is going to get turned into a series because otherwise this will be wayyyyyy tooo long. LOVE YOU ALL! 

XoXo Babes - 

Lauren Elle <3

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