Sunday, February 12, 2017

Garage Doors on 6th street

When the universe offers you a prime picture spot in the form of someones garage door, you take it ;)
Brooklyn and Kaitlyn are probably some of the most gorgeous and kind hearted girls I've ever met. More girls in this world should be supporting and kind to each other. Often times I feel we criticize and put each other down to make ourselves feel better and it has the opposite effect.
Be Happy
Be You
Be Unique
Lauren Elle



This fun little shopping center has a little bit of everything, From fabulous home decor (seriously I was about to drop my life savings on a chair) to boutique clothing shops, chocolate stores and over priced juice! Yup that little bottle was $9... lesson learned read the price before you order. 
The jacket I'm wearing is actually a DIY! I'd seen some similar ones but obviously I wanted to add some personal flair to it so I said, I can do that! and I did, and I love it.
We spent the morning window shopping and catching up before running on to our next adventure, California will always have a special place in my heart. Is it possible to feel homesick for a place that isn't your home? I would say yes. I know the traffic might suck and yes theres a lot of people and everything is a little expensive... but on the flip side I've never been somewhere where I feel more alive and spontaneous than I do in the California air.

Stay happy
Stay you
Stay unique
Lauren Elle

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