Monday, March 5, 2018

A Love Story... Chapter 1

"I didn't plan on falling in love with you, and I doubt if you planned on falling in love with me
But once we met, it was clear that neither of us could control what was happening to us." - The Notebook
When I first met Kyle I was almost 19. It was at my friend Dallin's house for a small party. I still remember the boy who walked in wearing a Patagonia hat with socks and Teva's. Our first conversation consisted of one up-ing each other on travel experience (I won for the record). Later that night he sang an entire rap song from the 90's with his eyes closed for karaoke. I tried not to be impressed. I was lying to myself though because I really was. 
I went home that night and forgot about the boy who'd traveled and wore socks with sandals because I had just started dating someone and I thought it was love (silly me). 
About two months later, on the night before my 19th birthday Dallin invited me to another party. I remember sitting in my car that Sunday night in front of Kyle's house, (although I didn't know it was his house at the time) contemplating just telling Dallin I wasn't feeling well and going home. 
See I've never been particularly comfortable in large social situations. Large parties make me anxious, and this was a rather gigantic party. However, being the strong independent woman that I am I mustered up all my courage, Put a smile on my face and tried to hide that I was in fact crying on the inside. 
I walked in the door and found Dallin. He was talking to another girl however and I had no intention of being a cock blocker so I went over to the food. 
... and thats when I saw him, The guy who'd been wearing socks and sandals was now wearing a cardinals jersey and real shoes! 
I think we recognized each other. He came over and welcomed me to the party and asked if I wanted a Sonoran dog. Apparently this is a hot dog with certain condiments on it that make it "Sonoran". I knew none of this but ever down for JalapeƱos I said sure and let him make me one. 
We chatted a little bit, Probably more flirtatiously than I should've considering I was still dating this other person, But I couldn't help it! This boy was so damn charming and sarcastic that I forgot all about not knowing anyone else at the party. Kyle was the party. 
Eventually we made our way up the stairs to watch the game. Another friend of mine (also invited by Dallin), showed up and Kyle knew her and we came to discover we were all planning on going into the medical field. I, a surgical tech. Caitlin, a nurse. Kyle, a Doctor. 
I was intrigued, and very curious but still convinced that he was just going to be my friend and that I was destined to be with this same guy I was dating. 
Later that evening we went to In n' Out as a big group. Caitlin brought up my birthday and everyone agreed that we should party! A group text was made and now, Kyle had my phone number. Everyone knew however that I was dating someone so nothing was done with it. 
My birthday came and went and no party was had. I didn't hear from Kyle Macdonald again until March Madness...


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